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At this point, my family and I hang our hats in Paris, France.  Of course Paris has lots of interesting things, but here is one of the high-points for me.  (Well, one of the online-high-points, anyway.)  It is a link to the Paris Yellow Pages, where you can look for any business and see a picture of it!  That's apart from the normal, boring old map and aerial photograph!  The photo at the link is of a clothes shop on the ground floor of our building, where they sell work clothes.  If it doesn't work (and for some reason it often does not) go here, type "henri bricout" in the "Name" field, "Paris 3" in "Town" and click on Search.  Then click on "Photo" and voila! you're looking at my front door.  For a more famous example, look for "le deux magots" to see a picture of the famous cafe, with a funny little yellow car in front of it.  It may even be a Trabant!

Paris is divided into 20 districts ("Arrondissements"), which are numbered in a spiral from the middle out.  We live in the Third, or "Troisiemme".  It is not a very exciting district, but is near to lots of interesting stuff.

Here are some pictures I took around our town ...


Eiffel Tower on New Year's eve ...
I wish I could say that this was the view from our apartment, but that would be a terrible lie.  Last New Year's eve (2003/2004) we wanted to go look at he flickering lights on the Big Steel Stick at midnight, but we were a few minutes late.  That's what happens if you have children.

It remains a beautiful sight, day or night.



Roller-blader near the Louvre
There are many "plazas" in Paris, where there are no cars.  People set up ramps, barriers and cones and do the craziest things on their roller-blades.  I took this picture near the Louvre.




Paris Catacombes
These, believe it or not, are real, ex-live, touchable skulls.  There are miles of underground passages (open for visits!), where they brought the remains of about 7 million people a few hundred years ago.  The people were buried in various graveyards in Paris, but the cemeteries were getting too full.  Apparently the ground level in some cemeteries had risen by several metres.  The chief constable and the inspector of these centuries-old quarries decided that this would be the ideal place to which to move this little problem.  If you don't believe me, look here.  Grizzly ...








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